What it means to belong to the FPA

As a financial planner and participant in the Australian financial services industry, you have the opportunity to be involved in numerous associations and special interest groups. Why is membership of the FPA critically important?

See the FPA Manifesto, our promise to members:

Your membership of the FPA provides you with:

Professional Community

The FPA is not an industry association. It is a professional association requiring financial planners to meet strict entry criteria. As a result, the professional community we create gives you the ability to connect and associate with like-minded individuals who all uphold the FPA's world-leading professional standards.

A Clear Value Proposition

The quality advice you provide as a result of working within the FPA Code of Professional Practice gives comfort, confidence and reassurance to your clients that they are receiving the best possible guidance to meet their needs. That quality of advice brings with it a value which clients are willing to pay for, and provides a platform for you to build a sustainable business.

Strength in Numbers

The FPA champions the cause of Australia's professional financial planning community and the 5 million Australians who entrust our members with their future financial security. The FPA maintains a close and mutually respectful relationship with key Government stakeholders, policy makers, regulators and politicians on all sides of the fence. As an FPA member, you can be sure that your and your clients' interests are firmly represented on all relevant issues.

Reduced Compliance Risk

The FPA's professionalism framework protects financial planners from exposure to misconduct and damaging their professional reputation. FPA financial planners are 11 times less likely to be banned from practice than non-members, and 36 times less likely to be banned from practice if they are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals*.

Higher Community Standing

For FPA members, and particularly CFP professionals, your association with the FPA is evidence of the high reputation you deserve in your local community. This is influenced in a large part through the advocacy and communication efforts of our local FPA Chapters.

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*Source: FPA Annual Report on Professional Standards 30/06/10

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Here's what our members say...
"The FPA has positioned and enhanced the standing of its members in the community and the financial services sector."
Wayne Barber CFP®, Wodonga
"The constant elevation of professional standards in Australian financial planning is largely due to the FPA."
Ray Griffin, Tamworth
"The FPA has worked well lobbying Government, and the outcomes have made a huge difference to the industry."
Mark Aufderheide CFP®, Sydney
"Congratulations on 20 years of dedication to professionalism and the financial security of all Australians."
Peter Bobbin, Sydney
"Looking forward there is still a long way to go. Looking backward it is amazing just how far we've already come."
Neil Kendall CFP®, Brisbane
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